You want more than just a warehouse. 

We do more than store your goods in a warehouse and ship out orders. We operate as your Canadian arm for sales, distribution, and customer service. We are also experts in Canadian retail, and know more than a bit about marketing too. 

Align your brand with our carefully curated lineup of safe, non-toxic, thoughtfully designed, quality products that Canadian parents want.

We have built a strong reputation with our retail partners for having the thoughtfully designed, responsibly made, safe and useful goods that Canadian families are looking for. This reputation is built on authenticity and trust. We keep the number of brands we work with to a minimum, which gives us time to devote to each one’s growth in the Canadian market.

As parents of young children, we’re on the pulse of the baby industry. All of the brands that we represent offer products that we love and stand behind. Because we only distribute the best, our retailers know that they won’t be forced to clear out our products or deal with recalls.

You focus on building your brand, we’ll take care of the paperwork.

Hip Mommies provides worry-free importing of your goods. We take care of the all the logistics: international shipping, customs, legal, duty and brokerage. You expand your customer base without having to offer international shipping or open sales locations in Canada.

Don’t want to fuss over the specific requirements for Canada? We have all of the information you need and we can help guide packaging and language requirements. You work on growing your brand and we take care of the details.

We have the experience.

Fourteen years of Supply chain management, EDI, inventory management systems and point of sale experience. The tools and services we provide create a convenient, worry free, cost effective sales experience for you. 

We remove barriers to order. Retailers benefit from prompt and economical shipping.

With strong logistics in place, we ship to retailers within 48 hours of their order. Every single business day. By working with a variety of carriers, we can offer efficient and economical shipping, no matter the location. We are located in the Greater Toronto Area, Canada’s largest city, with 35 percent of the Canadian population within a couple of hundred kilometres. Hip Mommies ships out your product from our warehouse direct to retailer. We handle EDI to larger retailers and efficiently pick and pack for our smaller boutiques. Even better. Retailers do not have to wait until business hours to place their order. Our digital catalogue / online ordering system is available 24/7.

Our online shop provides guaranteed reach.

In addition to our online ordering system, we have an e-commerce site that ships your product nationwide. If you have a customer in an area that is not yet serviced by a retailer, they can order through us and we offer economical shipping. So if a Canadian wants your goods, no matter where they are located, we are just a click away. For guaranteed reach, we also provide fulfillment through Amazon Canada.

This is a business built on relationships. We are here for you.

The relationships we have with our suppliers are important to us. That’s why we make ourselves available to you for updates, sales reports and inventory projections. Looking to grow your business globally? We can answer questions about distribution and help you make connections. Whether over email, via Skype or FaceTime, we’re happy to help! 

Rest assured knowing that you have a dedicated Canadian customer service team.

We believe in great customer service. And we provide it to Canadian customers for you. Hip Mommies takes care of retail customer accounting, shipping or product issues and we replace products that are under warranty or arrive damaged. Plus, we know the products we distribute almost as well as our suppliers and we can answer retailer and consumer questions with ease.

Access to our in-house web team and unparalleled social media exposure.

Our website and ordering system are updated daily, so prospective retailers can access your information immediately. Each brand we represent has a detailed page on our site, optimized for search engines. We utilize the most current web tools to increase your brand’s reach. With a dedicated social media team, we are active on a variety of platforms, posting about our brands, engaging and responding to customer service inquiries. The combined reach of our social platforms is more than 13,000. Need help with your web presence? We offer full scale web design and development, plus social media content creation and management.

Don't take our word for it.

Here is what some of our suppliers are saying about partnering with Hip Mommies. 

Lindsey from ezpz

"It sounds odd but the team at Hip Mommies has truly become like family! We not only love the folks behind the company, we love what they stand for and their values. We all need to be doing better business!"

- Lindsey Laurain, founder of ezpz

Nicki and Jana from Doddle and Company at the Hip Mommies Distribution Canadian Launch

Nicki and Jana from Doddle & Co.

"We could not be where we are without the support, knowledge, integrity and style that Hip Mommies has elevated us too. They get it done and we are lucky to work with them" 

- Nicki Radzely and Jana Badger of Doddle & Co.

Kiyah Duffey Nutritionist and Researcher and co-founder of kizingo toddler spoons headshot

Kiyah from Kizingo

"I can't imagine better partners than the incredible team at Hip Mommies. Their vision, attention to detail, and passion for their work are unsurpassed. Plus, they are just great human beings who are on a mission to #dobetterbusiness and, in turn, helping us to do that as well!" 

- Kiyah Duffey, co-founder of Kizingo

Tamara from Ono

"Hip Mommies is exactly what they advertise - they are HIP! They have an amazing eye for design PLUS an amazing nose for establishing a brand and growing a business. I trust their direction and handling of our brand (Ono) completely. "

- Tamara Mitchell Falcone, co-founder of Ono

Access to Canada’s Top Retailers

Get your products in front of buyers from more than 350 boutiques across Canada. We prioritize brick and mortar, independent retailers and focus on specialty. In addition to baby boutiques we supply general stores, pharmacies, pet stores we supply larger retail outlets such as, Indigo, Nordstrom Canada, the TJX companies and Amazon Canada.

Specialty Canadian retailers serviced by Hip Mommies distribution logos
Hip Mommies Distribution's Canadian digital influencers using ezpz

Benefit from a successful influencer program with dozens of real Canadian moms.

Looking for authentic, high-quality, sponsored influencer content? We target the perfect digital influencers who are aligned with your brand, and form thoughtful partnerships that deliver guaranteed coverage and engagement. These social media mavens create authentic, creative and custom content featuring your products, and share it with their loyal following. We collaborate for giveaways that leverage their followers and amplify your message. Beyond paid partnerships, we have friendships with some of the most admired Canadian influencers. Come join us @hipmommies

Incredible Events

Distributors are tasked with getting your product into Canada and getting it onto shelves. A truly successful launch also includes getting people to talk about it. Hip Mommies offers creative services in addition to distribution services. This includes getting your product into the hands of influencers, the press, onto television and blogs. We also throw incredible, tailored launch and promotional events. We deal with selecting key invitees, designing and sending out invitations, and choosing the right event space, fare and entertainment. We then send each guest home with a creative gift bag filled with delightful and themed goodies. Every detail is planned with your message in mind. 

Hip Mommies Trade show Booth from Future for Baby in Toronto 2018


In an effort to keep our costs and environmental impact down, we carefully consider which trade shows to attend. You will find us exhibiting at the key Canadian industry shows, and attending some of the international shows to support our suppliers. We have a showroom available in the Toronto area, and offer Facetime or Skype meetings and demos. We do not regularly participate in consumer shows.

We distribute useful, well-made, thoughtful, mom-approved, safe products that are manufactured in a responsible way. We look to partner with suppliers that are good people, supporting good causes, and that are doing business ethically.

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Are you ready to be partners?

We maintain a small lineup of brands that we truly believe in. We see ourselves as an extension of your brand in Canada. As partners, are are committed to giving your brand the attention it needs to grow in Canada, and we operate with authenticity. Want to learn more about the Hip Mommies approach? 

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