Hip Mommies looks for quality products that are purposeful, safe, and thoughtfully designed. We also want to represent products that are made by really great people.

We carefully select product lines that we believe in and that meet our qualifications. Everything that we represent we have used and loved with our family first. We choose to partner with companies that are environmentally and/or socially responsible.

Hip Mommies sells more than baby products, ezpz products are good for school aged children too.

ezpz products are different than anything else on the market.

ezpz was founded by a wife & working mother looking for a solution to make mealtime less about mess and more about fun. The patented all-in-one silicone plate & placemats, have been a game changer for families with young and neurotypical children, as well as families with special needs. The absolute best in baby products, ezpz mats SELF-SUCTION directly to the table, making it nearly impossible for tiny hands to tip over. Dishwasher, Microwave and oven safe, plus safe for growing bodies.

little girl loving her Doddle & Co. soother sold in Canada with other baby products by Hip Mommies

Because, babies. Because, the floor. 

Doddle & Co. are the creators of the POP Pacifier, a silicone pacifier with a nipple that pops back into its own self-protective bubble when it drops. We canʼt promise a clean baby, but the pacifier? Totally possible. This one’s self-protecting, which means you don’t have to run to the sink all day to keep your babe germ-free (weʼre not clean freaks but everyone has their limits). If you want baby products that really keep your little one’s safe, check out the POP. 

Helping to make self-feeding less frustrating and more successful.

Most traditional utensils (even kid-sized ones) are a poor match for little hands, whose fine-motor skills are still developing. KIZINGO toddler spoons, are uniquely curved to easily fit into toddler’s hands and work with the way they eat to make self-feeding less frustrating and more successful. With KIZINGO, eating has a new learning curve! Kizingo Spoons easily fits into toddler’s hands, supporting little hands aiming for little mouths helping to make self-feeding toddlers successful! If you are looking for baby products that make a really big difference with feeding and fine motor skills, you are going to want to learn more about Kizingo.

Baby products are our thing. But we have plenty for toddlers, pets and the parents that love them too. 

Les Tatoues Montreal Temporary Tattoos adorned on a child's arms

Les Tatoués temporary tattoos are non-toxic, and printed in the in the United States with vegetable-based (soy) inks. This means they are perfectly safe, and perfect for gift bags, dress-up, or rainy day fun. Les Tatoués is a family owned business based in Montreal. The line features temporary tattoos and patches designed by Julie, her husband Jean-Sebastien (an artist and illustrator) and their daughter Lou. Les Tatoués temporary tattoos are FDA approved and their patches iron-on easily.

MyFamilyBuilders is the handmade wooden toy that empowers children to explore a world of possibilities and build all kinds of modern families. MyFamilyBuilders is the first Open ended educational wooden toy that encourages young children to embrace family diversity through play. Designed with input from child psychologists and early childhood educators, the MyFamilyBuilders team has created an all-encompassing, educational toy set that lets kids build the characters and families of their choosing. Traditional doll sets impose limitations on a child’s imagination, which can have lasting effects.

Is the love of your life a fur baby? We distribute more than just baby products! Ono Good Bowls suction to the floor, preventing canine, feline (and toddler) tip-overs. From the creators of the ezpz Happy Mat comes Ono. Chic, well designed silicone placemat + bowls that suction to the surface for your furry friends! The Good Bowl is a game changer for those messy little noshers we like to call our pets. It is an all-in-one mat with bowls that captures your pet’s mess. What else? The mat SUCTIONS to any flat surface, making it difficult for paws (and tiny toddler hands) to tip over.

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