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ezpz is the creator of the original all-in-one silicone placemat & plate. Promoting strong self-feeders everywhere

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Certified BPA, BPS, PVC, Lead, Latex, and Phthalate-free

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ezpz makes intelligently designed products that make life easier for parents. They are unlike anything else on the market, and they have a strong community following.

  • all ezpz products are responsibly manufactured
  • All ezpz products are well made, thoughtfully designed and tested with real families
  • ezpz products are made from 100% food-grade silicone that is 3rd-party quality tested (FDA approved and CPSC certified). They are free of BPA, BPS, PVC, lead and phthalates and do not support the growth of fungus, mould or bacteria
  • ezpz products promote self-feeding, healthy eating habits and the development of fine motor skills. Many are designed in part by Dawn, M.S, CCC-SLP, is a Speech-Language Pathologist and Feeding Specialist with over 20 years of experience treating children with swallowing and feeding disorders
  • ezpz products promote self-feeding and help develop fine motor skills
  • Built to last (silicone is bendable and flexible and doesn’t fade, corrode or deteriorate)
  • Longevity! ezpz products are beneficial to first feeders at 5mo all the way up to 5yrs
  • Portion sizes (i.e., the eyes and smile) are catered to first eaters with the Tiny Bowl, Mini Bowl, Mini Mat and older toddlers with the Happy Mat
  • Smiley face design puts kids in the right mood for a positive mealtime experience
  • 3-4 mats can be stacked and carried with food to serve several kids at once
  • Easy to store, they stack nicely in a cupboard or drawer
  • Dishwasher, microwave and oven safe (up to 350 degrees)
  • ezpz are STRONG supporters of small business, and place emphasis on brick and mortar boutiques
  • The suction function is impressive. Having a Happy Mat on your cash register where your customers can touch it is a huge win for many of our boutiques
  • No case quantities, Canadian pricing and fast and economical shipping from the Toronto area. Competitive pricing and top rate service


4 Year Old Boy sitting on kitchen counter, smiling and eating a snack out of an ezpz Happy Bowl in Sage
Baby boy enjoying a messy snack in his high chair eating out of an ezpz Mini Mat in Blue
baby girl eating with a marigold yellow Care Bears ezpz bowl from Hip Mommies a Canadian Distribution Company in Canada

ezpz products were designed with suction to prevent accidental tip-overs when older babies and toddlers are self-feeding. They work wonderfully to help create a strong feeding foundation with babies, but the real benefit comes when a toddler or pre-schooler is eating on their own.

Young boy smiling with a pewter ezpz happy bowl filled with yummy cereal and orange slices

ezpz products suction to the table, preventing accidental tip-overs.

The Happy Mat and the Mini Mat  are an ALL-IN-ONE placemat & plates that catch all of the kids’ messes. They suction to the table meaning no more tipped bowls & plates. You will love using ezpz for baby led weaning, but the real genius comes when older babies and toddlers are learning to feed themselves. The Play Mat (and the Happy Bowl) also benefits from suction, so paint fun, bead work and legos all stay on the table too. 

Young girl standing on a stool in front of the kitchen sink rinsing a blush Happy Bowl from Hip Mommies Distribution in Canada

Microwave, dishwasher and oven safe, plus ezpz to clean.

The ezpz products are dishwasher safe. Though, we have found that rinsing with hot, soapy water works just as well (if not better). Silicone doesn’t harbour the growth of fungus, mold or bacteria. You can also use it in the microwave AND the oven. BPA, BPS, PVC & phthalate free, ezpz products are safe for growing bodies too. They will not deteriorate like plastic dish wear and they will not fade or corrode.

Woman demonstrating that ezpz Happy Mats are stackable and easy to carry to the dining table

Stackable, easy to carry and simple to store.

ezpz Mats fit in most kitchen cupboards or you can stack in a utensil drawer. Say goodbye to the cupboard of mismatched, rejected and broken toddler dishes and the cost of replacing them! The ezpz Happy Mats are sturdy, which means you (or your toddler!) can carry the mat + food to the table. This helps promote independance before, during and after mealtime. Stack 3-4 mats with food to serve the whole family (and a couple friends!)  in one go. 

Life before and life after ezpz.

the inside of a very messy drawer filled with plastic lunch containers
Inside of a cabinet with neatly stacked ezpz Happy Mats in Sage, Blush and Pewter

Does this look familiar? An entire cupboard of rejected bowls and plates, placemats, and plastic feeding products. How many moms deal with this disaster in their house, with dishes spilling and falling all over when they open the cupboard?  You could have two Happy Mats stacked in the little space above your fridge, a bowl in the cupboard and a mini mat in your bag. THAT IS IT.  Zen right? 

We Love ezpz

Want to Learn more about the ezpz products? 

ezpz is really unlike any other product in the feeding category. When we saw it for the first time we were blown away. Want to see ezpz in action? Watch the video to learn more about ezpz and how it works to help parents make meals less about mess and more about fun. Ready to order? All ezpz products are avaliable to order via our online ordering system. 

Lindsey Laurain founder of ezpz with her son holding up an ezpz Happy Mat in Blush from the limited edition nordic colleciton

Lindsey Laurain, is a mom of three, small business owner and inventor of ezpz. 

“I am a wife and working mom to three wonderful, wild boys who serve as my inspiration, my in-home product testers and my ezpz models. Our life can be pretty chaotic, especially at mealtime, and I was fed up with the messiness and clean-up time dedicated to each meal. One night (in the midst of his frustration) my husband said, ‘Someone needs to create something kids can’t toss or throw at meals!’ The next day I hopped online and, low and behold, nothing exists. From that day on I was committed to creating products that made meals with kids ezpz. We needed a solution to make mealtime easier and less messy so I created the Happy Mat!

I never imagined I would leave corporate America and become a mom entrepreneur, but so far the ezpz journey has been phenomenal. Our goal is to not only make products that transform mealtime for kids and parents, but also create a community with a focus on positivity and giving back. My hope is that I can inspire other moms who have a great idea.” – Lindsey

Why do we at Hip Mommies love ezpz?  ezpz is a true family business. Lindsey and her husband Brad have grown the business with a small team that includes siblings, lifelong friends and the best people they met in their teenage years. They are committed to helping families overcome feeding challenges, which is why several of the products are designed in part with Ms. Dawn (Winkelmann Torres, M.S., CCC-SLP) a clinical speech language pathologist / feeding specialist. Ms. Dawn tours the country providing support to families facing feeding challenges as well as providing education on behalf of ezpz. ezpz does unparalleled outreach, and they do a tonne to help children with special needs and children struggling with feeding challenges. They also conduct business fairly, ethically and with transparency and respect.  Interested in ezpz? Apply to become an ezpz retailer and work with us. 

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