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uniquely curved toddler spoons designed for how children naturally hold utensils

Girl toddler sitting on a countertop using a Kizingo spoon

Easily Fits into Toddler’s Hands, Supporting Little Hands Aiming for Little Mouths.

The period of time when kids are learning to self-feed (when they are transitioning to solid foods) is a crucial period when food habits are established. Kids who can successfully self-feed are less likely to become choosy eaters, more adventurous in their eating, which means they have a greater variety in their diet and less likely to overeat and have less excessive weight gain over time. 

Little girl using enjoying a meal using a sage ezpz happy mat and light blue kizingo spoon

Kizingo Spoons Make Self-Feeding Successful

Learning to feed yourself is difficult, and Kizingo believes that kids should have the tools they need to do this, successfully, for themselves. Their utensils are special because they encourage independence, are curved to work with the way children want use them, have short, wide handles that are easy to hold and are dishwasher & microwave safe. Kizingo provides the right tool for children to learn to self-feed successfully.

Baby boy smiling and holding a light pink Kizingo spoon in his hands

Safe, Free of Toxic Chemicals and Made in the USA.

Kizingo spoons are made of the highest-quality, FDA-approved, dishwasher-safe plastic they can be. This means they don’t contain BPA/PVC/Lead or Phthalates so they are safe for your little ones. Although it’s not necessarily typical for baby/toddler spoons, Kizingo spoons are 100% designed and manufactured in the US.

Kizingo toddler spoons are uniquely curved to easily work with the way little one’s eat to make self-feeding less frustrating and more successful.

Childing scooping out some macaroni out of a sage colour ezpz silicone ezpz Happy mat and a light blue Kizingo spoon

Kizingo spoons are curved to work with the way children hold utensils, making it easer for kids to successfully do it themselves. .

Kizingo products are designed to promote successful self-feeding, giving confidence to parents and children. Little ones learning to feed themselves can get frustrated and most utensils are not well designed for how toddlers want to hold and use them. As a result, parents often take over feeding which can have unintended consequences. 

  • designed and manufactured in the US
  • don’t contain BPA/PVC/Lead or Phthalates
  • encourage independence and help develop fine motor skills.
  • created with little hands in mind. Toddlers grab cutlery palm-down and the Kizingo design supports this. 
  • are curved to work with the way children want use them
  • have short, wide handles that are easy to hold
  • are dishwasher & microwave safe
  • Longevity! beneficial when your little one is 9mo or 4yrs.

Most traditional utensils (even kid-sized ones) are a poor match for little hands, whose fine-motor skills are still developing.

Kizingo’s co-founder Kiyah and her husband lived and worked in Tanzania in 2010. As a nutritionist and mother to a little girl who was just learning to eat solid foods, Kiyah eagerly experimented with fresh local produce – much of it new to her family – and local recipes. The name Kizingo means CURVED in Swahili and honors that time of exploration and discovery.  

  • designed and manufactured in the US.
  • safety tested + certified. BPA, PVC, Lead, Latex, and Phthalate-free. 
  • dishwasher & microwave safe
  • thumb depression encourages proper grip and provides stability.
  • encourages independence and helps develop fine motor skills.
  • short, wide handle is easy for little hands to hold. Brings bowl closer to the hand for improved control.
  • shallow bowl provides appropriate portion size and supports proper lip closure.
  • spoon fits around little hands. Bowl curves to face them, bringing food into the position that kids need. 
  • Kizingo are supporters of small business, and place emphasis on brick and mortar boutiques.
  • Having a Kizingo spoon on your cash register where your customers can touch it is a huge win for many of our boutiques.
  • No case quantities, Canadian pricing and fast and economical shipping from the Toronto area. Competitive pricing and top rate service.
Toddler sitting on kitchen counter eating a snack out of a blush colour ezpz happy bowl using a light blue Kizingo spoon

Kizingo products were designed for little hands. The thumb depression encourages proper grip and provides stability, the short and wide handle is easy to hold and provides improved control, and the shallow bowl allows for appropriate portion size and proper lip closure

We Love Kizingo

Want to Learn more about the Kizingo products? 

Kizingo is really unique. Co-founder and creator, Kiyah Duffey, introduces you to the KIZINGO toddler spoon and describes why it’s so innovative in toddler feeding.Ready to order? All Kizingo curved toddler spoons are avaliable to order via our online ordering system. 

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Kiyah founder of Kizingo and her family

Kiyah is a mom, a nutritionist, a scholar, a small business owner and the creator of the Kizingo Toddler Spoon. 

Hello! I’m Kiyah, co-founder of Kizingo and creator of the Kizingo Toddler Spoon. As a nutrition researcher I know how important it is to support and encourage healthy eating habits as soon as kids begin eating solid food. As a mom, however, I know just how hard that can be! I also know that most of the utensils we give kids don’t work well for how they hold and use them. And because they don’t work well parents often take over feeding their kids, but little ones really want to do it themselves! Inevitably, this ends up creating a mealtime battle of the wills.

I wanted to change that. My mission –Kizingo’s mission – is to design and build products that promote health in families and independence in kids. Our goal is to make it easier for the healthy choice to be the easy choice. Our products are rooted in science, informed by personal experience, and manufactured in the United States using the highest quality materials. Parenting is hard enough … I want to make it a little bit easier and, maybe, a little bit tastier too!

Thanks for coming along on my journey!” – Kiyah

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Row of colourful Kizingo Spoons. Blueberry, Pea, Beet, Eggplant, Carrot, Grapefruit, Water and Lemon colour

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