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Meet Wobbel

The Wobbelboard by Wobbel is the classic Waldorf balance rocker reimagined. Ethically hand-crafted in Belgium by FSC certified 100% solid beech wood

Made in Belgium

Handcrafted in Belgium

Eco Friendly

Made with eco friendly materials and processes

Thoughtfully Designed

Solves a real problem, is useful & multipurpose

Safety Tested

Third party tested safe

The Current Wobbelboard Collection

Product Name & Retail Pricing

Wobbel Original Balance Board

Wobbel Original Balance Board Transparent Lacquer Natural


Wobbel Original Balance Board with Powdery Pink Wool Felt


Wobbel Pro Balance Board with Sky EKO Felt


Wobbel Original Balance Board with Mouse Grey Wool Felt


Wobbel Original Balance Board with Mustard Wool Felt


Wobbel Pro Balance Board with Wild Rose EKO Felt


Wobbel Original Balance Board with Forest Wool Felt


Wobbel Pro Balance Board with Mouse Grey EKO Felt


Wobbel Pro Balance Board with Mustard EKO Felt


Wobbel Original Balance Board with Sky Wool Felt


Wobbel Pro Balance Board with Forest EKO Felt


Wobbel XL Balance Board with Wool Felt in Mouse, Sky Blue or Forest



Invite the magic of open-ended play. The Wobbelboard is an heirloom-quality piece with Wool or EKO felt, a material made from recycled plastic bottles.

  • It is a balance board, a swing, a bridge, a shop, a hut, a step, a racetrack, a lounge seat, and elephants back
  • Hailing from the Netherlands the Wobbelboard is the classic Waldorf balance rocker reimagined
  • Children instinctively know what the possibilities are. They keep discovering and learning new ways to play
  • When using it for physical activity, specific muscle groups can be isolated, while other exercises train big muscle groups
  • Original and Pro Dimensions: 36 x 12inches
  • Original and Pro age range is 1-7 (or so) years. Choose the XL for ages 8-99
  • Supports up to 440 lbs
  • Child-friendly finish
  • Water-based translucent lacquer
  • FSC high-quality European beechwood
  • EKO felt is the cleanest, greenest, most versatile textile available
  • EKO felt is suitable for vegans
  • EKO felt is made from 100% post-consumer recycled water bottles
  • EKO felt is durable and suitable for intensive use
  • loved by physical therapists, early childhood educators, and can be used in Yoga practice
little girl wearing a BapronBaby Bapron in dino days
toddler and preschooler with BapronBaby Bapron in vibrant painted floral
five year old girl using a Wobbelboard
little girl balancing wooden toys on her Wobbelboard
small child balancing on a Wobbelboard in a light soaked playroom

Wobbel encourages active imaginative play. It builds strength and balance as well as creativity and it supports physical awareness and balance.

photo of Jana and Nicki founder of Doddle & Co.

Hannelore. Mother of 3 children, and one of the founders of Wobbel.

I get my inspiration in life from everything that gives energy. It doesn’t matter if it fits or can be done. If it works, it works. And whatever the question may be, love is always the answer.

My roots are in the communication business. I make connections and do my work from the heart. Authenticity, passion, different and humor. A lot of humor. When I saw our board for the first time, I sensed that this intriguing curve had a lot going for it. After our first home made Wobbel entered our home, and I saw what it did to our children it was completely clear: The Wobbel is the inspiring opposite in times of screens and preprogrammed toys. The Wobbel tempts mind, body and soul.

With pleasure and pride we offer the Wobbel, and we are far from done. It has so much potential and endless possibilities. Truly: It’s not just a curve.

We Love Wobbel

Want to Learn more about the Wobbelboard?  

The Wobbel is such a beautiful piece that is well loved by the entire family. It pairs well with cars, and dolls, building blocks, wooden rainbows – and your existing decor. The Wobbel is the Original recreation of the balance board, and it really looks, feels (and passes safety tests!) like a premium offering. Want to see Wobbel in action? Watch the video to learn more about how a child instinctively finds ways to use the Wobbel in creative play.  Ready to order? You can view available Wobbel on the online ordering system. 

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