Beat the summer heat! Toronto is in the middle of a heat wave. It feels like the entire city is melting. And as prepared as you are for a summer scorcher, sometimes it gets too hot to even, you know, DEAL. If you are reaching that point and need something to do with the littles, check out these tips below.

1. Make ice pops! Last summer we went to NYC in the peak of summer. It was HOT. The only thing that saved me were People’s Pops. As soon as we got home I bought the People’s Pops recipe book and a reusable, silicone ice pop maker. I was hooked! And its a great way to give healthy treats to your little ones. Don’t know where to begin? We have this “summer ice pops” Pinterest board with recipes to get you started.

2. Pack a spray bottle of cool water! Planning a trip to the park? Besides sunscreen and some cool, light clothing, pack a spray bottle with cool water for instant refreshment. Plus, the kids will think it is hilarious, and enjoy squeezing the trigger.

3. Head to the library! In Toronto (where we live), Public libraries are designated cooling stations. This means air conditioning, water and plenty to entertain your little ones. Bonus if your library has a special children’s area and/or storybook time. If you are in Ontario, the early years centres are open too, but make sure your drop-in isn’t closed for the summer. Its never to early to encourage a love affair with reading.

4. Snack on ice cold watermelon! This is a favourite in our house, even the baby enjoys it. Keep a watermelon in the fridge and slice up for a quick and refreshing treat. It is tasty, and mushy enough for older babies to enjoy too.

5. Get an inflatable pool! If you don’t have a pool yourself, or a public pool nearby, set up an inflatable pool for your little ones. We are in a ground floor condo unit with an outdoor terrace, and found a pool small enough to fit the area. Its great for the kids, but also wonderful to dip your feet in at the end of a long summer day. If this isn’t your thing, check out your local splash pads.


Our ground floor condo loft has a terrace, thankfully large enough to fit an inflatable pool.

6. Water games are perfect ways to beat the heat. Let your littles “paint” with water. Give them a bucket, some brushes, and some space outside. If you have to water the lawn (check your city guidelines regarding conservation) use this adorable hose attachment from Melissa & Doug and create instant sprinkler fun. Or, set up for a plain, ole-fashioned water fight.

7. Let the kids loose with Ice Chalk. Doesn’t it just sound genius? I came across this how-to post and could not resist sharing. Basically, it is frozen chalk paint and it is incredibly fun.

8. Stay in your underwear (yes, all of you) and keep the blinds drawn. You would be surprised, the kids might like this more than you would think. Bust out the board games, build a fort, play truth or dare or turn it into an adventure. Think your kids will be bored with just games? Here is a collection of magical science experiments that are guaranteed to blow their minds.

9. Head up north! (Depending where you are in the country of course.) One of the best things about being in Canada is that we have an abundance of nature to enjoy. Take advantage! Public beaches (with shade), nature traills, or anywhere that you can visit river or lake side makes for a wonderful summer activity. Pack bug spray, sunscreen and plenty of protective gear and hydrating snacks.

10. Go inside. Art galleries, Museums and indoor play places are all a great idea during a heatwave. The Art Gallery of Ontario has a “hands-on-centre” with activities like art-making, constructing, storytelling, costume play, making new friends and exploring. Bonus, it is included with the price of admission, and fun for kids of all ages. Indoor play places are usually less busy in the summer time, and often offer discount tickets during the summer months.  Malls and movie theatres work too.

Do you have a favourite kid friendly keep-cool activity? Please share!

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