Being a new mom can be really overwhelming. First time moms, or moms recovering from complications may find the first few weeks to be particularly challenging.  So if you have a new mom friend in your midst and want to REALLY do something nice for her, select one of these gifts for new moms. (Cleaning kitchen or baby-minding so mom can shower are also pretty awesome.)

1. Really nice Pjs. A girlfriend of mine suggested that I buy myself luxuriously comfy pyjamas to lounge around in when I returned home from the hospital. Of course I didn’t do it, and I regret it. Those first weeks (months, actually) were spent in sweats and old t-shirts and nursing tanks and I felt really frumpy. A fabulous set of pjs would have definitely helped my spirits. Just make sure you get something machine-washable, because.. you know.. babies.

2. Healthy food delivery. Chances are, your new mom friend does not want to cook. And even if people are bringing over lasagnas, I am sure she would appreciate some healthy, nutritious food delivered straight to her doorstep. Friends of ours sent us Green Zebra Kitchen (a Toronto based vegan food delivery service) and it was a huge help, and a healthy surprise. I was really thankful. Bonus if you add a pumpkin-spice smoothie or some chocolate to the order! Thanks Amanda!

3. A good nursing bra. This is one of the things that I had on my registry that was left un-noticed. I guess it is not the most glamorous of gifts, but if mom plans on breastfeeding, it can be really helpful. I ended up ordering one on three days postpartum when I realized that sports bras were just not going to cut it. Bonus if you add some reusable nursing pads to the gift bag. The Bravado nursing bra that I ended up ordering comes in S, M and L so it won’t be too difficult to guess a size.

4. A Belly Bandit. A girlfriend of mine brought this along when she came to visit about a week after my little one was born. I didn’t put it on until about week two and regretted it immediately. Your body feels strange after babe, and this offers some really comfortable support. Especially if your friend ended up with a C-section, a belly bandit is a wonderful gift. Thanks Sarah!

5. Nest Designs HOLD Diaper bag, the Madison. Before I became a mom, I knew that I wanted a diaper bag that “did not look like a diaper bag.” I had my eye on one, and had another given to me used. I completely abandoned both of those when this gorgeous bag arrived in the mail. Not only is it luxe and made of super soft leather, it is really smartly designed with a tonne of pockets. I am sure to use this long after my little one is grown. Since you are going to be schlepping around in yoga pants (its unavoidable) a really nice bag makes you feel just a touched dressed up.  Incredible gift, I love it. Thanks Tammy!

6. My Breast Friend nursing pillow. One of my closest friends had a baby about 6 months before me. When I was nearing the end of my pregnancy she asked me if I wanted to borrow her nursing pillow. I said no, because I was confident that nursing was going to go just fine and that I would just use a regular pillow or whatever. She gave me that knowing mom look and changed the subject. A couple weeks later I was calling her at 10pm and begging her to bring it over. So if mom plans to nurse and has not gotten herself one of these, its a really great idea. Because breastfeeding can be tough. And even though I only used this for a couple of months, it was sooooo helpful. Thanks Amanda!

7. Mother’s Milk Tea & a mug just for her. *See above*, nursing can be tough. Really tough, and really emotional. Some moms need a little help from herbs or medication. If you want to bring new mom some tea to help boost her supply, why don’t you add a special mug to the gift bag, to let her know that she is doing just fine. (Bonus if you bake a batch of thesetoo) Thanks Robin!

8. Sakura Bloom ring sling. I really was not that into baby-wearing before my daughter was born. We had a SSC carrier and that was all that I had panned on getting. Manduca sent me a stretchy wrap to try out and I was hooked. A love of baby-wearing had begun. Lets be honest, sometimes mom just wants her hands free. The best way to do that is to use some sort of carrier. I resisted the ring sling for so long as I thought it looked the most “hippy.” Then I saw a woman  in heels and a really chic skirt / blouse combo with ring sling and she looked comfortable and fabulous. So did her kid. So I tried it. Out of all of the wraps and carriers I have, this one is my go-to. It is the easiest to use, is the easiest to master, and the easiest to get babe in and out of in a hurry (perfect for public transit or being out and about around town.) Thanks Pav for the tip

9. Milestone Baby Cards. Ok I bought these for myself but I absolutely adore them and have a couple more sets in the cupboard to give to some soon-to-be-new-moms. There is a card for each of the major milestones in baby’s first year, and all mom has to do is put card beside babe, snap photo with her smartphone and voila! Baby book at the end of the year.

10. Lastly, the most incredible gift I received was a Sony A6000 mirror-less camera. It is tiny (fits nicely in my diaper bag), takes incredible photos without having to fiddle with too many settings, and has a continuous shot mode because kids move FAST. This one is pricey, but very thoughtful and perfect for the thousands of pics mom is likely planning on taking of her new babe. Thanks dear husband. 

Did you receive or give any really note-worthy new mom gifts?

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