Les Tatoués temporary tattoos are non-toxic, and printed in the in the United States with vegetable-based (soy) inks. This means they are perfectly safe, and perfect for gift bags, dress-up, or rainy day fun. Les Tatoués is a family owned business based in Montreal. The line features temporary tattoos and patches designed by Julie, her husband Jean-Sebastien (an artist and illustrator) and their daughter Lou. Les Tatoués temporary tattoos are FDA approved and their patches iron-on easily.

Products include: Temporary Tattoos, Iron-on Patches, Stickers

temporary tattoos for kids

For Kids, Teens, Adults.. Express Yourself

Les Tatoués tattoos are printed in the United States and they are non-toxic, and printed with vegetable-based (soy) inks. They have been approved by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA). Temporary tattoos generally last from 2 to 5 days and they do not fear water, nor soap.

iron-on patches for kids

Tattoo Your Clothes with Iron-On Patches

Les Tatoués design and manufacture iron-on patches. With a little ironing and some imagination, any jacket, backpack or sweatshirt can become a unique piece. Patch up those rips and tears and get some life out of your clothes.

Perfect for Playtime, Party Favours and Gifts

Temporary Tattoos allow you and your children to have safe, expressive fun. They make perfect additions to gift bags and are a fun addition to any loot bag and they make a perfect add-on to any gift.

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Packaging & Merchandising Information

Les Tatoués Tattoos come with two sheets per package, in either 4" x 6" or 3" x 4" packages

Les Tatoués Iron-on patches are various sizes, package size is 4" x 7"

Les Tatoués iron on patches and tattoo collection

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