Sarah is someone who helps frazzled parents learn to love parenting. It can be done! Having argumentative little ones can be a real challenge, and as someone who has had a tonne of struggles with my kid, I look up to anyone who can parent with patience. It is something I am working on, for sure. So if you are looking for the guidance and compassion you need to transform your parenting and change your life.. you might want to crush on Sarah too, she is incredibly friendly and definitely crush-worthy! 


Your Name: Sarah Rosensweet
Kids Names: Lee age 16, Asa age 12, Maxine age 9
Company Name: Sarah Rosensweet Peaceful Parenting Coach and Educator

What is the Story behind your business?

When I had my first child I realized I wasn’t comfortable with a lot of the conventional parenting practices I saw around me and read about in most media. I didn’t like the idea that I was supposed to make my toddler son feel bad in order to teach him something- put him in time out, ignore a tantrum. It felt wrong. I looked around for some alternative voices in parenting philosophy and thought and read and practiced. Fast forward 10 years and 2 more kids later and a decade spent thinking and reading and learning as much as I could about parenting: Type A brain + SAHM + a passion for all things parenting = a lot of knowledge! I was the mom that many of my friends came to for ideas, strategies and advice. When my youngest child started school full-time I knew it was time to go back to work, but neither of the careers I had pre-children would have worked well for our family. When I thought about what I REALLY wanted to do- the answer was to help families by supporting parents to become the parents they wanted to be. I officially launched my parent coaching business in October 2014.

What motivates you?

On a professional level, I am motivated by the feedback I get from parents I have worked with when they tell me how much better things feel in their families, how much closer they feel to their children, and how much easier and happier everything feels. On a personal level, I am motivated by my desire to show my kids that their mom is both contributing financially to the family and doing important work that helps people outside of our family. On a global level, I am motivated by my belief that peaceful parenting is one way that we can change the world- one family at a time. The peaceful parenting emphasis on support, empathy, healthy emotions and self-regulation is the antidote to all the disturbing news we’re seeing at this moment in time.

What is the most challenging part about being an entrepreneur / working mom?

I find it challenging to stay focussed on the things that I need to do day-to-day to move my business forward while i am working from home. When most of my deadlines are self-imposed I find it hard not to procrastinate by doing household tasks instead of writing that blog post! I also find that my best “work hours”- when i feel really “on” and focused are from about 2 PM- 8 PM. My daughter comes home at 4 PM and often I wish I had a another few hours to work but I want to be with her. 

What would you tell your “starting-out” self?

would tell my starting out self: “Be patient. Keep working. Keep putting yourself out there. It REALLY does take 3- 5 years to build a business.” I didn’t believe that when I first started and I would get frustrated at how slow and hard it felt.

What is your super power?

My super-power is compassion. I believe that you don’t need to make people feel bad to teach them something. I believe in looking for positive intent. I believe that everyone is doing the best they can in this moment.

What is something that you think people should know about you?

I was on The Martha Stewart Show in 2007. She’s one of my heroines.

Who is your supporting cast of characters? (who needs a shout out)

My family: my parents, who modelled wonderful parenting and made it so easy for me to be a great parent. My husband, who has supported me (aka pushed me) to start my own business when I thought “I’m not an entrepreneur.” My children for keeping me sharp and loving me. My friends Michelle and Allyson who also have their own businesses and love to talk about business strategies and ideas with me. My mentor Dr. Laura Markham, who has taught me so much about families and parenting and has also been my guide in my personal growth journey. The women in my Toronto mama entrepreneur networking group, Mamas and Co, for their amazing support, encouragement, connections and safe space.

Bright Beginnings

Sarah Rosensweet

Looking for some help with your toddler, tween or in between? Sarah teaches a non-punitive, connection based approach that uses firm limits with lots of empathy.

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