Note from Jennifer: We have been working with Elza since my little girl was born. Elza has captured many happy memories for us, and we think she is fabulous. I really wanted to share her with the world, so I asked her to become a guest blogger for us and share some tips. Looking to take better baby & toddler photos? Elza is here to help! We hope you find her as delightful as we do. xx

Whether it is to celebrate the arrival of a new family member, your baby turning six months or simply to keep a great memory of any stage of your life, a lifestyle family photography session at home will keep that beautiful memory forever!

But now that you booked your session with your photographer, how do you get ready for it? Here are some suggestions that I always give my clients before their session:

Tips for family Photos from Elza Photographie


  • What are the brightest rooms at your home? Your bedroom, the living room, or the nursery? Or maybe it is the guest room? To do great pictures, we need a lot of natural light. Also, when is the best time during the day for the light? Is it in the morning or the afternoon? It is important to think about it when you book your session with your photographer.


  • Try to remove any accessories that aren’t important in the room. For instance, if the session will be in your bedroom, remove all personal effects on your bedside tables. A simple decor is always more attractive on photos and we want the focus to be on your faces, not your favourite jar of cream.


  • If the session will take place in your bedroom, use a white or pale blanket. It will be way brighter than a dark blue one (and your photograph will love you!). Another important thing is to make sure that the blanket isn’t creased.


  • Get prepared and bring out some cute accessories that can be used for the photos; the cutest toys, some pretty blankets, some accessories that are dear to you.


  • Since my photography style is natural and bright, I always suggest to wear pale and pastel colours for their softness and brightness. What is also important is to mix and match different colours together for a natural look. For inspiration, check out this board where I collect outfit pin-spiration on Pinterest!


  • Laugh and love! The photographer will direct you and help you to create and live some cherish moments. I promise you’ll have a good time!


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All images in the post above are taken by the lovely Elza, from Elza Photographie. She specializes in natural light photography and is based in Toronto.

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