Looking for indoor activities for toddlers? Still stuck inside with your little ones? We have some indoor activities for you that are sure to help you get through February. 

Fool-proof Indoor activities for toddlers that will help you through the rest of winter.

It’s that time of year when we look outside in the morning and ask ourselves, “why, mother nature!?”. Spring can’t come soon enough! TBH, I was done with the snowsuit tantrums back in early December. Us Canadian parents need to dig deep and find the strength to make it through to splash pad season (HELLO, SLIP ON SHOES OF MY DREAMS).

Here are 3 activities to help prevent cabin fever. Or at least keep your toddler busy for a few minutes while you scroll your Insta feed! 😉

1. Water Beads

There is something so satisfying about water beads. I could literally play with them for hours. But we aren’t fans of the toxic plastic ones and prefer this version from Teaching Mama. Although my kid loves them too, it’s one of those activities I’d gladly do day after day. Teaching Mama also compiled 10 ways to play with water beads and the one with the shaving cream looks way too satisfying! 

WARNING: Don’t show your kid the following video unless you’re prepared to fill your bath tub up with Water Beads. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

2. Build a Pillow Fort

If they’re going to tear your house apart, it might as well be for a good reason. Dig out the twinkle lights, pop some popcorn and hunker down in a homemade fort. Nothing can get you when you’re safe inside your very own fort. Not even cabin fever (here’s hoping!)! If you need inspo for your fort, the folks at Mom.me have compiled some amazing ideas. Mine would definitely collapse in on its self, but I’d get an A for effort!

3. Home Made Play Dough 

The *idea* of baking or cooking with a toddler is always much more idyllic than reality. That’s why you need to take a tip from Martha Stewart and pull out your bowl of play dough that you magically made ahead of time. TA-DAH! No tears! Back in my day we only had beige play dough and it tasted like salt. Thanks to Pinterest, you can find recipes for Pumpkin Pie Play DoughPeaches and Cream Coconut Oil Play Dough, and Glitter Play Dough. Say what?

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