Looking for some creative ideas on how to use the ezpz flower Play Mat at home? At our house, a Play Mat sits on the toddler’s table and we use it every single day. Safe for crafting or foods. the ezpz Play Mat is made from high quality silicone and it suctions directly to the table, making it difficult for tiny hands to tip over.  Like all ezpz products, the Play Mat is BPA, BPS, PVC, latex and phthalate free and dishwasher, microwave and oven safe (up to 350 degrees) super easy to clean and safe for playtime. 

Toddler sorting ice with their ezpz flower Play Mat and Play Doh cookie cutter fun with ez pz

Looking for some inspiration? Here are 28 ways to add more ezpz play with the ezpz Play Mat into your everyday.

Painting with ezpz flower Play Mat in lemon and finished art work

1. Painting and 2. Colouring

Starting with the most obvious, the Play Mat is great for painting. There is space for water and five colours of paint in the petals, and the bevelled edge helps trap any spills. The mat is large enough to hold a standard sized paper and still have room for a couple brushes. Also great with crayons, and especially good with the little crayon bits and pieces that every preschooler has in their collection.

ezpz flower Play Mat in mint with lego and ezpz Play Mat in lemon with jacks

3. Lego 4. Jacks and 5. playing with other small toys

Tired of all of the tiny pieces falling everywhere, and want to keep them contained? Sort, build and play using the ezpz Play Mat. Great for keeping track of all the little Lego bricks you need for different parts of the build too. 

preschooler playing with Perler beads with ezpz Play Mat in mint and colouring with ezpz Play Mat in lemon

6. Cookie making 7. Cake or cupcake decorating 8. Building gingerbread houses. The ezpz Play Mat is perfect for those with a sweet tooth. 

Fill each of the petals with sprinkles, candies, marshmallows, chocolate chips and more. You can roll dough, use cookie cutters and use icing all safely on the Play Mat, and the mess is contained. During the holidays, your little ones can decorate Christmas cookies and use the mat to create gingerbread houses. The Play Mat is microwaveable and safe for hot foods, if you want some melted chocolate as a part of your project. Or to dip berries in, because, delicious. 

cake decorating station using a ezpz Play Mat in lemon and a pancake topping bar with ezpz Play Mat in mint

9. Pancake toppings 10. Sundae toppings 11. Smoothie bowl toppings

Have sweets, fresh cut fruits, seeds, nuts, whatever you like in the petals and place the bowl to the right on the mat. Little one can dress their treat as they see fit, and use the mat to eat off of. No mess, no spills and a tonne of creative fun. Plus, all kids like to make their own decisions. Is there any more delicious way to give them the opportunity?

loot bag and lunch bag decorating and filling stations with ezpz Play Mat in mint

12. Lunchbag or 13. Lootbag design-and-fill Station. The ezpz Play Mat can make back to school and party prep more fun. 

Want to make special take home treats for the first day of school or for little ones to take home from a party? The Play Mat is perfect for the crafting fun, and then the filling fun as well. Decorate paper bags and stuff with treats for personalized, unique and extra special lootbags for the ultimate preschool party favour. Make school snacks and lunches a little extra special with google eyes, ribbons stickers and washi tape.

toddler and preschooler educational activities with the ezpz Play Mat. Learn vocabulary and letters

14. Scavenger hunts or other games for little explorerers, 15. Matching games, 16. Vocabulary exercises, 17. Learning letters & numbers. You can use dry-erase markers with your ezpz Play Mat! 

The Play Mat also offers opportunities for early childhood education and vocabulary games. Fill the petals with trinkets, nibbles, photos, or clues and get to it! You can use dry erase markers on the mat to add letters, words or sketches all to help with the fun. Want to host a scavenger hunt? Fill the petals with little objects that tease the next clue, and write a verse on the mat. Little exploers might want to collect finds from their adventures in the petals and use the mat area with a magnifying glass to observe and take notes. Want to match colours or letters? Write colours on the mat and have your little one match objects from the petals. Or draw “roads” to follow with a toy car, or mazes to guide trinkets through. The Play Mat is incredibly useful for open ended, creative and educational play.

toddlers using the ezpz Play Mats for Play Doh fun

18. Play doh 19. Beadwork & necklace making 20. Perler beads 21. Sorting 22. Ice play and other sensory fun.

Getting crafty? Clip a string to the ezpz Play Mat with a bull-clip or tape down the end, and make jewelry! Sort Perler beads by colour into the petals and make creations using the Play Mat (the bevels catch the rolling beads.) Use the petals for sorting activities as the flower compartments are sized for the pincer grip, which assists with the development of fine motor skills. Need something fun to sort? Start with multicoloured cereal. The higher lip of the Play Mat keeps ice, beads, liquids, paints and glues from making a mess, so it is perfect for all sorts of play.

ezpz Play Mats for necklace making, beadwork and Perler beads

23. Taco Bar 24. Pizza making station 25. Learning to cut veggies

Looking for a way to make dinner interactive and fun? Taco stations are a great idea. If you prefer pizza, you can make and dress the pie right on the mat before popping it in the oven. The suction function provides a steady and non slip base for a cutting board when older children are learning to cut veggies, and prepare taco toppings on their own.

taco topping bar using an ezpz Play Mat and creating a non slip base for learning to cut veggies

26. Home Improvements or 27. Keeping office supplies organized. The ezpz Play Mat is good for adults too.

Seriously the Play Mat is not just for kids. I mean Sundae bars are fun for kids of all ages but the petals are also great for keeping and collecting any tiny things that you really do not want to tip over. Doing some DIY? Keep the appropriate screws, nuts, bolts all sorted and have them stay put. Want a more attractive solution to the chaos of your desk drawer? The mat also protects the surface below it, so it’s perfect to write on, hold your tea and coffee of, keep your phone on, keep all the paperclips on – if you have a desktop that you are looking to protect.

ezpz Play Mats being used by adults for DIY and tools and as a desk organizer

28. Nibble tray, the “muffin tin” buffet for turning picky toddlers into adventurous eaters. Our favourite use of the ezpz Play Mat.

Probably the most popular use for the Play Mat at our house, a nibble tray gives picky eaters freedom of choice, and the ability to explore new tastes. Cut fresh, nutritious and colourful foods into bite sized pieces and fill the petals. Since most toddlers are dip-fanatics, use the centre to provide something for dipping which also might encourage them to try something new. The nibble tray gives variety, makes trying new foods exciting and helps with independence and self-discipline. The freedom of choice is powerful, even for the under-4 crowd, and you might be surprised when a previously overlooked food suddenly seems interesting with the Play Mat.

nibble buffet for picky eaters with a ezpz Play Mat and boy with downs syndrome playing with the ezpz Play Mat

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