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Joey here, co-founder of Hip Mommies.  I can’t believe it’s been 10 years since this all started, where I was given a wonderful opportunity to learn everything about operating a business.  When I was a kid I remember spending hours in my dad’s warehouse playing around rows and columns of pallets, rummaging through dusty boxes, and probably having too much fun in a commercial business complex.  It’s crazy to see how much those days subconsciously influenced my path, as I truly am following in my dad’s footsteps.  What I remember most was how hard he worked and how little help he had, or more accurately worded, accepted.  His never quit attitude and dedication are traits I admire, but I have learned that I can’t do this alone.

What you see on our site is a vision shared by the team here at Hip Mommies.  The love of my life, partner in-all, and soon to be Hip Mommy has spent the bulk of her pregnancy creating our site from top to bottom.  Jennifer wanted to create a space so you could learn a little bit more about us and Hip Mommies, but also a place to exhibit and display the products we distribute with the love they deserve.  We are thrilled and fortunate to work with great people who happen to make great products, and look forward to continue learning and doing good business.

– Joey

joey-small-circleJoseph Chua
co-founder / director, Hip Mommies

email me: [email protected]

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