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My Family Builders are toymakers for a better tomorrow. They have created a toy that celebrates diversity, and now children can imagine and build all kinds of families and learn that differences are something to be celebrated.


Heirloom Quality

Eco Friendly

Made with eco friendly materials and processes

Thoughtfully Designed

Solves a real problem, is useful & multipurpose

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Heirloom quality, Handcrafted magnetic wooden blocks that celebrate diversity.

  • All MyFamilyBuilders products are well made, thoughtfully designed and tested with real families
  • Winner of a Parents’ Choice Gold Award 2016.
  • Target Age: 3-7 years old. Younger and older children can enjoy them too.
  • Great conversation starter for parents and educators to talk about diversity and love.
  • A perfect choice for families, teachers, daycares, play centres and schools.
  • Blocks are made of high quality, eco-friendly cypress wood with high-quality securely concealed magnets.
  • Non-toxic, durable, and environmentally safe paint
  • Wooden blocks come in 12 different sizes from 1.51″ tall x 1.73″ diameter to 0.98″ tall x 1.30″ diameter.
  • 25 big cards to play five games to start conversations about diversity and create teachable moments so that kids can understand and learn that differences are something to be celebrated.
  • The cards are bright, big and colourful 5.12″ x 2.75″, perfect for little hands.
  • Create one-of-a-kind characters and families, with over 2000 possible combinations.
  • Great conversation starter for parents and educators to talk about diversity and love.
  • All materials and processes used in the manufacturing of MyFamilyBuilders toy-sets exceed all applicable federal safety standards. MyFamilyBuilders exceeds all international safety standards
  • No case quantities, Canadian pricing and fast and economical shipping from the Toronto area. Competitive pricing and top rate service.
toddler and preschooler with BapronBaby Bapron in vibrant painted floral
little girl wearing a BapronBaby Bapron in dino days

My Family Builders is the handmade wooden toy that empowers children to explore a world of possibilities and build all kinds of modern families.

Not all families look alike. Sometimes my friends don’t look like me

Toy stores have shelves filled with rows and rows of toys that depict “traditional families” with one dad, one mom, a boy and a girl from the same race.  Often times, children can feel isolated when they cannot find a more accurate representation of their family. MyFamilyBuilders” allows kids to construct toy people that reflect the diverse nature of families in 2017 through skin colour, sexual orientation, gender identity, single parents or multiple sets of parents. The possibilities are endless. The MyFamilyBuilders’ toy-set  opens children’s eyes to a world of possibilities.

Imagine a world where all toys were so inclusive. How do you think that would translate to the playground?

MyFamilyBuilders is the first Open ended educational wooden toy that encourages young children to embrace family diversity through play. Designed with input from child psychologists and early childhood educators, the MyFamilyBuilders team has created an all-encompassing, educational toy set that lets kids build the characters and families of their choosing. Traditional doll sets impose limitations on a child’s imagination, which can have lasting effects.

Give kids the opportunity to create friends and families that are as unique as they are!

The MyFamilyBuilders toy-set also includes five card games that create “teachable-moments” for parents to help their children understand and learn that differences are something to be celebrated. Play is the most impactful way for children to learn about the world around them. Though it may just look like fun and games, children learn and internalize important values that will affect their perception of themselves and the world around them for years to come. With a total of 2048 possible matches per set, kids will have a ton of fun and create a world free of preconceptions.

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The My Family Builders handcrafted wooden toy play sets are truly unique and beautifully made. Want to see My Family Builders in action? Watch the video to learn more about MyFamilyBuilders and how they empower children to explore a world of possibilities and build all kinds of modern families, maybe ones that look more like their own. Ready to order? All MyFamilyBuilders products are avaliable to order via our online ordering system.

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