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Baby-proofing made modern with Bink. Thoughtfully created with your home in mind.

Baby Safe

Non-chokeable in size


Made with recyclable materials

Thoughtfully Designed

Solves a real problem, is useful & multipurpose

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Third party tested safe

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Thoughtfully designed, non-toxic and contemporary safety-proofing products.  

  • Bink’s goal is to make your home and living space as safe as possible for your little ones – and make it look great in the process. 
  • Thoughtfully created with your home in mind
  • Won’t break into small, chewable and dangerous chunks and all Bink products are non-chokeable in size.
  • DOTS: Parent-friendly, baby-safe, outlet plugs that give a little joy.
  • DOTS: Extra snug fit makes them hard for toddlers to pull-out
  • DOTS: Ergonomically designed for comfortable removal
  • DOTS: Unique 360° grip means you can remove from any angle or tight space
  • DOTS: Made from 100% recyclable, non-toxic material
  • Up & Away:  is the first ever magnetic, blind cord safety solution. It is the simplest and most reliable way to secure dangerous blind cords out of reach.
  • Up & Away: Hassle free. No more winding, unwinding, looping, or fiddling.
  • Up & Away: Simply pops on and off the magnet when you need to open or close your blinds. 
  • Up & Away: Does not compromise or interfere in any way with the functionality of your blinds and compatible with all blind cords
  • Up & Away:Easy installation
  • Bumpy Mini: Made from baby-safe, food-grade, silicone rubber
  • Bumpy Mini: Optimal cushiness to protect little heads
  • Bumpy Mini:  Sleek, low-profile makes it hard for little fingers to pull off
  • Bumpy Mini:  Installs in seconds with authentic 3M adhesive
little girl wearing a BapronBaby Bapron in dino days
toddler and preschooler with BapronBaby Bapron in vibrant painted floral

Made with non-toxic materials that won’t break into small, chewable and dangerous chunks. All Bink products are non-chokeable in size.

photo of Jana and Nicki founder of Doddle & Co.

Ben and Leslie are parents of two toddlers who believe that having a baby doesn’t have to compromise the look and feel of your home

We are Ben and Leslie. We believe that making your home safe for your little ones should be simple and intuitive. The idea for Bink came about when our first daughter started to crawl and pull herself up. As new parents, we spent time and money looking for well-designed, practical safety solutions for our home, but were constantly left disappointed. When our daughter ripped off and bit chunks out of a top-rated edge guard, we knew there had to be a better option. We spoke with other parents, and everyone seemed to feel the same frustrations. It turns out that nobody gets excited about child-proofing their home. We want to change that perception.

We have spent nearly two years developing and testing products in our home to meet the highest safety performance and material standards. They are designed to last from early crawling through every stage of childhood. We’ve got two toddlers at home and our products are still going strong.

Safety is at the core of everything we do. Our mission is to give you that sense of calm by creating simple, effective safety products that integrate seamlessly into your home and lifestyle.

As parents, we have learned how important our home truly is for our children. We just want to make your home a safe haven where your little ones can learn, play, and explore without the hassle and added anxieties. We are so excited to share with you the products that we love. We hope you love them too.

Ben & Leslie

We Love Bink

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Why do safety-proofing products have to be so ugly? Who wants those foamy hands on the corners fo the coffee table? Bink has finally made baby-proofing gear that fits in with a contemporary decor. And it is made from the safest of materials too. Want to see Binkin action? Watch the video to learn more. Ready to order? All Bink safety products are available to order via our online ordering system. 

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