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Meet Baubles + Soles

Baubles + Soles waterproof toddler footwear have interchangeable, decorative baubles. One shoe takes you from the playground to the party.

Made in the USA

Ethically manufactured in Georgia

Eco Friendly

Made with eco friendly materials and processes

Thoughtfully Designed

Solves a real problem, is useful & multipurpose

Safety Tested

Third party tested safe

The Current Baubles + Soles Collection

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Quality handcrafted, sweatshop-free toddler shoes that are water resistant, machine washable, slip-resistant and fully recyclable. 

  • Responsibly manufactured in the USA
  • Water resistant
  • Slip proof
  • Nontoxic
  • Eco-friendly & Fully Recyclable
  • The patented material is soy based! Strong yet soft, lightweight and flexible for growing feet
  • Machine washable and 100% dishwasher safe
  • Peephole for easy slip-on
  • Air vents for breathability
  • Vegan friendly
  • Toddler Sized 5-10
  • 6 colorfast shades
  • Light vanilla scent
  • Baubles + Soles donates $1 for every pair of shoes sold to support the education and protection of children from exploitation with the Senhoa Foundation’s Lotus Kids’ Club  
two toddler girls wearing Baubles + Soles waterproof dress shoes

one shoe for everyday, water play, dress-up and occasions. The ultimate minimalist toddler shoe.

photo of Jana and Nicki founder of Doddle & Co.

Lisa is a mom, a small business owner, and the creator of Baubles + Soles

Lisa T.D. Nguyen started the company after she became frustrated by the need to buy multiple shoes for her daughter to match with different outfits even though Kaia was going to grow out of them more quickly than she can wear them. The idea of creating a pair of shoes with interchangeable “baubles” to change the look of the shoe came like a lightbulb! What’s more, Lisa wanted to be able to reuse the same baubles for subsequent shoe sizes and styles. After all, “little soles  change, but baubles are forever.” After exactly one year and one month of research, design, R&D, and many sleepless nights, Baubles + Soles was launched.

Lisa lives by the ocean in California with her husband and two little girls.

Thank you for your support. It truly means the world to us. Lisa + Duc

We Love Baubles + Soles

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These really are the ultimate toddler shoe. Wear them in the splash pad, on the playground. Bring them home and put them in the washing machine. Then switch out the baubles to match your outfit and wear them to any kind of party. Little one “over” rainbows and into unicorns? No need to buy another pair of shoes, just switch out the baubles and voilà! Want to see Baubles + Soles in action? Watch the video to see how they work and how easy it is for parents to swap the baubles. Ready to order? All Baubles + Soles are available to order via our online ordering system. 

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