As a child of a small business owner, many of my memories include hiding behind boxes in my father’s warehouse,  helping the bookkeepers sort invoices, or spending weekends minding the front cash. Now, my husband and I (also the product of a family run business) are entrepreneurs. It takes immersing your life and your family into a business to really understand the hustle. That is why at Hip Mommies, we passionately support our small business retailers whenever we can. These shops and boutiques are the life blood of a thriving community, and here we feature some of the shops that we work with from coast-to-coast. 

Business Name: Le Petit Cocon
Store Address: 238 rue Richelieu, St-jean-sur-Richelieu, Québec, J3B 6X8
Website Address:
Shop Owner’s Name: Dominik Cadieux
Kids:  Camille Lili-Rose age 10, and Noah Léo age 7.


What is the Story behind your business? Why choose the world of baby?

I studied fashion merchandising and always worked in retail and fashion. After having my daughter 10 years ago, I was always looking for the best products for her, the trendiest, the most practical. From there I thought, wouldn’t it be great with all of my previous experience, to open a baby store!! I had always been very ambitious, but I finally decided to put it to rest and made the decision to stay at home with my kids for 6 years, until my youngest one started school. That’s when I knew I was ready for my “Dream Store”. I started slowly with 2 partners and a smaller location and then 2 years ago, I opened my current location on my own and I haven’t looked back!! It as been an amazing journey so far 😊

Why did you decide to go into business for yourself?

To realize my dream of having my own version of my Dream Store for baby/kids and to be able to create it entirely with my “own” vision, not somebody else… Also very importantly, I wanted to not have to depend on anyone else to make decisions for me. I wanted to choose how things should look, be or presented and I am very comfortable and happy in that position.

What is the most challenging part about being an entrepreneur / working mom?

I would say the schedule, because you have to be available at all times…and I make myself be, even on holidays. If an employee is sick I might have to miss the zoo with my kids and go in and replace her. Other times, I work on weekends and miss some quality time with my family! But on the other hand, I can schedule a day off during the week to be able to see my kids activities at school or help out as a parent volunteer if needed, so it is not all that bad!!

What motivates you?

The customers! They loves coming into our store because it is different from other baby store. We like to impress them with our ambiance and selection of products, so they have no choice but to keep come back all the time, even if they live one hour drive away 😊

What is your Super Power?

Visual Presentation and finding baby/kids products that you can’t find everywhere else.

What is something that you think people should know about you or your business?

It is a business from the heart, I am really excited everyday to be coming into work and that you cannot fake. My work is my passion and I hope people can feel that when they come in the store, I want them to feel like they are coming into my home, welcomed, at ease and comfortable, that is my wish!!

Who is your supporting cast of characters? (who needs a shout out):

For sure my hubby and my kids who are extra supportive aS well as my 4 super employees, Véronique, Marie-Eve, Audrey and Marilyn.

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